Tuesday, December 18, 2007

One pill makes you smaller...

As soon as my period starts, so does the next leg of this race.
Meanwhile, I have one pill to make me start, one to begin as soon as the period comes to hopefully make me regular, and a third to start a couple days later......hopefully to make me ovulate.

I've come to the stunning realization that my husband's semen analysis showed he had 235 million sperm in his sample, while I'm having trouble producing one good quality egg. I've always been an overachiever.........so what is my problem?

Okay, I'm fine now. Except for the fact that in January, I somewhat randomly started this notion that I'll get pregnant in May. Why May? Why not. Then again, maybe its because May is when I was originally cleared to start trying again. Or, maybe it is because a baby conceived in May could be born in February, and all my psychic friends have said they were getting February when the baby question comes up. Not to mention that they get 2, 2, 2. (February 22nd?) (Twins born Feb. 2nd?) (I might get pregnant in the year 2022?)

NOTE: (Dated Dec 2007) As I'm moving these posts over from another blog, this post has new perspective. My second child is due February second, and was conceived in May. How about that folks?
Welcome to my new digs, please excuse the dust - I'm working on moving a LOT of posts over. :)