Thursday, July 17, 2008

6 months old.

My son, how in the world can you possibly be 6 months old? Just yesterday you were my favorite daydream. Can it really be so long since I felt you kicking? Perhaps no, because you still have those crazy arms and legs going all the time. If you are awake, you are moving.

You're the type of baby people have in mind when they ask "is he a good baby?" But generally, if they've seen you they don't ask that question. They take one look and comment on how handsome you are, how alert and what a happy boy you are. I've lost track of how many you've won over with your smile, how many have said "does he even cry?"

You cry, all right, but typically only when really hungry, teething, shortly after shots or when you just need...well, me. I know the ways you need me will change as you grow, but there's an honor in the fact that you need me because I am your mommy. I am so lucky to have you.

You're very healthy now, my son, and I thank God for that on a daily basis. Nobody would ever know by looking at you that there have been so many close calls. You giggle and coo, squeal and make kissing noises. You have us all wrapped around those tiny fingers of yours. One of the delights in my world is hearing your sister tell you she loves you, and say "you're the best baby in the world, Joseph." Those are her words, come up with all her own, and I hope the love between the two of you grows and strengthens just like your bodies and minds.

Speaking of growing. My goodness. You are almost 16 pounds now (15 pounds 12 ounces) and 27 inches long. In the 25th percentile for weight, and just over the 75th for height. You're a handful, to be sure, and it's so neat to see you thriving. Watching you grow is soothing to me, and hopefully by the time you're old enough to notice I'll be much less anxious about how you're doing.

We need to talk about girls for a minute, already, my son. Contrary to what you seem to believe, not all breasts in this world belong to you and you just can't keep rubbing them whenever you get a chance. Yes, I know that for now if you flash your million dollar smile it melts whoever has just said "Hey! Did you see that?!?!" but your luck is eventually going to run out, so you'd best learn now. Your dad and doctor aren't so good about discouraging this behavior, so please listen to your mother on this one. At least you're flirting with the smart and beautiful women. I give you credit for your taste.

I cannot believe you are 6 months old, but you so clearly are. You're rolling and scooting and trying your best to crawl. As a hint, maybe if you move your arms out from under your chest you'll stop doing the superman pose with legs sticking out in the air straight behind you. Don't feel you have to take that advice immediately, though....I'm not ready for you to be completely mobile yet.

You are sweet, loving and lovable. If I could keep you right where you are for a few extra moments, I have to admit I'd do it. You're the only person in the house that allows me to hug and kiss you as much as I want without protest. (eventually Emily and Daddy yell Mercy) You eat it up, and that's special to my mommy heart. You just love to be loved and it's thrilling to watch, whether it's me holding you or someone else who cares about you.

You've inherited my hands, as your sister did, and you're fascinated with them. Always chewing or sucking on your thumb or fingers if not your pacifier. Come to think of it, you're a big fan of thumbs in general and will chomp on the first one that comes your way - daddy, mommy or doctor.It makes us laugh, you little carnivore. I suppose it goes along with the fact that when you were teeny and swaddled, sucking on your pacifier, I once got the giggles because you reminded me of Hannibal. A cute, harmless, adorable Hannibal of course.

You keep brightening our days, kiddo. We just can't wait to see what happens next.

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