Monday, February 4, 2008

Bringing Home Baby

This afternoon, we get to bring the little home. Again. Hopefully for good.

Soon they'll be coming to talk to me about what we need to do with regard to his home oxygen tank, and we'll have a follow up visit later this week. His white blood cell count is back to normal and he's breathing pretty well - just needing a little bit of additional help.

I'm so, so grateful. We headed for the hospital as soon as we saw he was having breathing troubles, but had we waited any longer we would not be bringing him home. At night that thought creeps up on me. We're in the hospital with monitors that would beep if anything were wrong and I still sometimes peek at him to make sure he's breathing.

Hopefully this afternoon begins a new chapter. One with less worry and more moving forward. I'm really, really ready for that.


Carrie said...

Wonderful news! Have a safe trip home and an uneventful settling in.

Claire said...

I know how ready you are for life to be boring again. I'm hoping and praying that you get to jump into plain old baby bootcamp with none of this extra craziness. I'm so glad you guys are home!!