Tuesday, February 19, 2008

One Step Forward..

No, you didn't blink and miss the pictures - uploading them failed to work somehow and I'm too tired/lazy to figure it out. I hang my head in shame, and will fix it later. The general idea is that on Valentine's Day, we were told we could discontinue the little's supplemental oxygen which meant no more tubes or tanks...just holding our baby.

Two Steps Back.

After finally feeling like my infection must be healing well, as I was starting to feel better, I made the mistake of thinking that too loudly. This weekend I started feeling more soreness in my uterus, more tenderness to the touch and my temperature is still hovering in the 99-100 range most of the time. In the mornings it seems normal, but I feel worse and the temp reflects that in the afternoon/evening. By nighttime I'm needing a hot water bottle to get some relief from the soreness. At 5 weeks pp, I don't expect to feel like dancing a jig but I shouldn't feel like I need a jigger of something to relieve the pain either. (and no, I'm not really drinking despite my joking about it and even a call to a friend to find out how much I could drink without needing to pump and dump)

I had an ultrasound yesterday, and the doctor (not my OB) who first saw me for the infection looked at the pictures and had a nurse call me to say that things looked fine and I could stop seeing them for the infection. Sorry, but this is the same dr who completely missed the clot left in my uterus, didn't give me a strong enough antibiotic and failed to give me something to make me pass the clot. I'm not exactly trusting of her opinion. SO, tomorrow I see my own doctor and hopefully will get some answers (and relief).

Is this the part where I have to treat my uterus like an insecure lover? "No really, just because I don't need you anymore doesn't mean I don't NEED you any more." "Don't go, I'll be nicer/better/bring you flowers/do the dishes." "Please stay. I promise you never have to do that again."

Because seriously? While she may be more trouble than she's worth, I don't REALLY mean that.

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