Monday, August 4, 2008

What a crock.

Moved Heaven, Earth and way more weight than I was supposed to in order to get to my post-op appt only to find out my surgeon's nurse had cancelled my appointment. The receptionist didn't think I was supposed to be there, then saw it had been cancelled. They called the nurse up and she must have been having a bad day, as she acted as if I was an idiot for not knowing the surgeon schedules postops for a month after on hysterectomies.

I suspect this got messed up when they changed me from a laparoscopy to hysterectomy, but regardless of the reason I put a lot of effort into getting there and now I'm frustrated and in pain.

Oh, and having to wait until August 25th to get the rest of my answers.


Erica said...

OOOOH that infuriates me!!! The moving Heaven and Earth to get there is one thing, having to wait for answers is just awful! I'm so sorry. :(

Jessica (Squawky) said...

That just bites. Plain and simple. I'm sorry you have to wait even longer to get the information you've been waiting for. ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

While you're waiting for answers, you might find some of the information you need at

Claire said...

Son of a b......

That just sucks - enormously sucks. Bleh.

JuliaS said...

And they didn't think to call you and let you know the appointment was cancelled when they cancelled it?


Talk about patient care.

Sorry - what an awful afternoon for you.