Monday, August 4, 2008

I'll be back, after these short messages.

This afternoon I'll meet with my surgeon for my post-operative visit. He'll go over the details of the pathology, the pictures of the parts I can no longer call my own, go over what his nurse told me and those details he wanted to discuss with me personally.

I've already heard the word benign, several times. Gratitude is too small a word for hearing that term, but I didn't expect malignancy to be a worry. Now I just need the rest of the story.

It is my greatest hope this is the beginning of a new chapter, a return to the old normal....though I do not think I could have possibly come through this year unchanged. I just hope when the dust settles, the changes are mostly for the better.

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JuliaS said...

Hoping the changes are for the better also.

Will be thinking of you and hoping all goes well, relatively speaking, at the doctor's this afternoon. I know those visits can sometimes be nerve-wracking.

Benign is a very good word.