Thursday, January 3, 2008

Best laid plans

I attempted to move the posts from my old blog to this one, but spending several days in and out of the hospital in preterm labor meant my old blog expired before I could do so. Most of the writing was nothing special, though there were a few posts I'd have given a great deal to keep. It's my fault for procrastinating and for letting the other things going on keep me from doing what I needed to in order to save my writing. well, that and their "send a backup to yourself" feature FAILED. Completely.


I hope my dear friends find me.

My latest update is this - contrary to popular belief, cervical dilation, signs of labor and such I am still pregnant. Nobody is more amazed than me, except it just fits.

Christmas day I felt odd. No more contractions than usual, nothing out of the ordinary really, just odd. Wednesday night I found myself having contractions three minutes apart and they felt different from my normal "contract all the time" situation. We made arrangements for someone to stay with our daughter and made our way to the hospital.

What happened next has already become a bit of a blur, but a shot of terbutaline did nothing. Magnesium sulfate did something - but it wasn't stopping labor. Instead I felt hot, claustrophobic and strapped down to a bed when I was having contractions a minute apart and my cervix was dilating. I went from .5 cm dilated to 3 in a pretty short period of time. It was finally decided the mag wasn't stopping anything so they would turn it off.

A nurse came from the NICU to explain what a baby at 34w5d would be in for, potentially, and give us the worst case scenario rundown. She left, I looked upward and said "it's in your hands. I trust you. Don't let me down."

Contractions continued for a while and then things just stopped. No more dilation, contractions petered out a bit, it just stopped.

I've had two more visits to L & D since then, and as of my last check I was 4 cm, 80% effaced and baby was at 0 to +1 station depending on who was checking. They didn't think we'd make it to 2008, but here we are...Sunday will be 36 weeks.

We wait. We watch. I contract about every 2 minutes.

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Carrie said...

I'm glad to have found you again!... my SIL pointed me here. I did find you at lightninginabottle but that one is a little more out of date. :)

You are so close now. Even if the baby comes tomorrow, 36 weeks is amazing - just think of the difference from 34w. Or 32w. Or all the babies born at 20-something weeks who still go on to be fully healthy - and you've carried this baby so much longer than that.

I'm so excited for you. I don't wish you any worry at all, but... I'm looking forward to the arrival of your new little one. :)