Monday, January 7, 2008

If this is it...or not

We'd joked about celebrating in some form when a more safe time in this pregnancy arrived, when we reached that point where the thought of baby coming was more exciting than scary. So, Sunday afternoon, when my contractions intensified I thought "and of course we joked that celebration would likely come in the form of giving birth."

As the night when on, the contractions got stronger but still weren't of the go to hospital variety. The normal rules (5 minutes apart, for example) don't apply to me because I've been contracting so frequently for so long. Every now and then a contraction would hit and I'd think "that one just might start changing things."

We did have a bit of a celebration last night, not an attempt to induce labor or anything, just an attempt to have some fun as husband and wife. Afterward, the contractions intensified again. A few times I thought, this might just be it. I'm getting used to that feeling.

A part of me thinks after all this we just might get to full's only a few more weeks and what we've had so far has mostly been false alarms or the real deal that comes to a halt. Then again, we've also joked that labor will likely hit when our daughter is at preschool and I'm in the next town trying to get things done. That is, ironically, the plan for today.

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