Saturday, October 11, 2008

Paint the light fixture?

There's a lot to do in the new house. We've picked the flooring in the dining room, living room and hall. It's a great walnut and will have a light/caramel stain, similar to this (minus the pears - we don't usually keep fruit on the floor).

However, the ability to do a great floor like this means that some things are going to have to wait a bit. That includes new light fixtures. Below is the dining room. There's a lot in there now because the seller hasn't removed everything yet. None of the furniture shown in this picture will remain in the room.

This room forms an L with the living room, which has two fixtures on the wall that coordinate with this one. Whether those will be removed altogether, replaced or painted to match this one has not been decided.
As a temporary change, I'm considering painting the brassy looking portion of this fixture with a textured black paint, similar in look to an iron. However, there are so many different kinds of textured paint that I've not yet decided if that one is the way to go. The walls in this space will be some sort of warm neutral, and the floor with be a lighter stained walnut with honey tones. Other options would be leaving it as is, painting it white (which doesn't really sing to me) or going with a nickel or pewter type paint.

If this was your house, what would you do? Assuming replacing the fixture is not an option for now.
Our table and chairs are oak, with a darker stain than the flooring. The molding will remain white, the walls likely painted in some warm/neutral color. That will be one of our next decisions.


MissMel said...

I think I'd paint the light fixture, maybe even make some of those little shades to go on it.

Just make sure you do a light sanding on the fixture first - helps the paint adhere better.

anauta said...

I think it would be a great idea to paint it, if you want something REALLY cheep & easy for the time being I saw this stuff called rub n' buff, you rub it on with your fingers, or a soft cloth, you can choose many different colors, Check it out, I think it would be great to use myslef if I didnt have everything new!

tweety612 said...

My new favorite paint is a color called oil rubberd bronze. It comes in a spray can and is made by rustoleum in the american accents metals collection. I used it on a polished brass table lamp and it came out awesome! Just remember to prime first!

Check this link out:,2041,DIY_14048_2270201,00.html

tweety612 said...

correction, that's oil rubbed bronze