Thursday, April 29, 2004

The Baby Inquisition

I'm sitting here at work, up to my neck in paperwork, dreading my vacation.
We're going to see some friends in another state. I care about these people.....we're even "aunt" and "uncle" to their daughters. My husband has been friends with them for years and doesn't understand my uneasiness.

"When you get here, I'll tell you how to get pregnant."
"You just need to relax and let T. do his job. You're not pregnant yet because you think it's hard."
"You just need to get busy making babies."

They mean well, but no matter how many times I ask, beg, plead, or even get pissed off, they have all this advice and input on my fertility. Despite explaining to them that I have a medical condition causing these problems, they feel the need to offer me that terrible "relax" advice. *sigh*

If it weren't for the fact that I'll probably ovulate while I'm gone, I'd make him go without me.

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