Saturday, April 17, 2004

Getting my kids to the hospital

My doctor said they wanted hubby to have a semen analysis done, "to make sure the problem is just you."

Whew.....there for a few months I thought the problem was all my fault. Oh. wait.
Up to this point all the tests had been mine. 2 words.......vaginal ultrasound. Now it was his turn, and I found myself trying to make it easier for him. Not that I wanted him to be uncomfortable or embarassed......wait a minute.....yes I did, a little. I wanted him to feel anxious about his results, to wonder if things would be ok, to feel a little that maybe, just maybe he might start to feel as invested in all this as I am.

Yeah, right. The big baby got to do the SA at home, because he "wouldn't feel comfortable in the doctor's collection room." As if comfort was something I got during any of my ultrasounds, pap smears, bimanual exams, blood draws, etc. *sigh*
And of course, he wouldn't feel comfortable walking the sample to the doctor's office.

*I* tucked the cup into my waistband.
*I* raced to the hospital to deliver it to the lab.
*I* broke down hysterically when I got pulled over.
*I* (ok so this was kinda cool) got the police escort to the lab from officer friendly, because *I* answered the officer's inquiry about why I was going so fast with "I'm trying to get my kids to the hospital." and then explained.

and hubby said, "whew.....I'm glad that's over."

Did I mention this happened on April Fool's Day? Yeah.

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