Monday, April 26, 2004

Love and Pancakes

Mary's been working as a greeter at IHOP for as long as any of her coworkers can remember. She works Saturday and Sunday mornings, during the busiest times for the restaurant. We hadn't been to that IHOP on a weekend, so when we walked in and saw her greeting a couple with an enthusiastic "Good morning, I'm so glad to see you." and a genuine hug, I thought for sure that she knew them. Then she greeted us the same way.

It brings tears to my eyes even now to think of how genuine that hug was. I've parted from friends and family members, that I know love and care about me and received hugs with less enthusiasm, less warmth, less honest to goodness LOVE.

When we left IHOP, our bellies were full.
When Mary said "God love you, I do." Our hearts were full too.
Thanks Mary......I'll be back soon.

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