Friday, May 7, 2004

Past my bedtime

I've been so tired lately. "how tired are you?" I'm so tired my adrenals are fatigued. This is not a good thing.

I thought the supplements I've been on would solve the problem, they were supposed to, but apparently there are other factors. My doctor has made some new recommendations, which should be interesting.

1. No caffeine, few carbs. That's not a big deal, I cut out caffeine already and had only gone back to it because I was Sooooooooo tired. I'm already on a low-carb way of eating. (not "no carb")

2. No t.v. or computer after 8 pm. This is funny to me. Why? Because I've already stopped watching the evening news, partially because I wondered if maybe the news was preventing me from getting a good night's sleep. Apparently I could have been right.....some people are photosensitive and the light from computer screens and tv's can prevent the release of melatonin that makes us fall asleep and stay that way. (guess I'll be taping ER)

3. I'm supposed to try to always get to bed by 10, and try to sleep until at least 8, ideally 9. Yeah, but I work 8-5. Still, we own the business, and I may have to try this. Perhaps I could sleep in late, go to work at 9, and work through lunch. THAT might just work. Apparently this is a way to reprogram my clock. Sure goes against my original hope of trying to get up earlier to work out though. From what the good doc said, if we stay up past 10, our adrenals kick in to give us a second burst of energy, typically enough to sustain us until 1. So, that can make for restless sleep. And, during the period of 6-8 our adrenals work very if I'm sleeping during that time, I can allow them to regenerate.

There were more, but the ones listed are the most dramatic changes. I can do this, and from the sounds of things, I have to do this. adrenals are sleeping

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