Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How I Turned My Kitchen into a Death Trap in 30 minutes

...or less.

Someone on a message board I belong to asked how often we clean our dishwashers. Most of the responses were a typed equivalent to a blank stare. Clean a dishwasher? What?

Then I looked inside the dishwasher that so desperately needs replacing and I realized the only thing it needs as much as a replacement is a good cleaning, especially since it's going to have to last us a while longer.

This morning I finally remembered to buy a bottle of dishwasher cleaner, the instructions seemed simple enough, so I started running it while I worked on some things. It said it was environmentally safe. I swear, if I had a canary that sucker would be DEAD.

I'm just glad I fought the temptation to run my self cleaning oven feature at the same time. I'd be typing this from the grave.

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