Sunday, April 20, 2008

Three months.

My dear son,
Three months into this and there's no doubt about it. You're a keeper. Never have I seen a baby smile more, enjoy breastmilk so much or have such excitement over me manipulating your hands into a game of pat-a-cake. At over 13 pounds, you weigh more than your sister did at 6 months old.

You spend your days eating, sleeping, smiling and waving your arms and legs as if to say "hey! look at me! I'm cute!" Why yes, yes you are. You sit well, supported, and for some time you've been supporting your own weight on your legs when we hold you. What is new is your tendency when laying back to strain your neck and back as if you are trying to sit up on your own. Most nights, with the exception of the last week when you were eating as if trying to gain a pound a day, you are sleeping at least a nice 6-7 hour stretch. Not all of that while I'm actually sleeping, but we'll work on that. You've been rolling over more and more lately, proving that the first couple of times weren't a fluke, but now we have to try to keep you in the same spot roughly in the bassinet or bed.

Your ahs, goos, and ah-goos never fail to make us laugh, and they only intensify when your dad comes home from work. You light up when we talk to you, you love music and if we combine the two you are in heaven. If I breastfeed and sing to you at the same time, you are entranced. My son, you melt me.

If I have any guilt over this time period, its that I'm less able to just hold you sometimes as I was your sister. Luckily you don't seem to mind this, you just eat it up when I do. Between me and you, while its true that I love you both tremendously, it seems you love me more than your sister does. That might be temporary, but I will enjoy it...because she loves me an awful lot. The two of you is healing hurts I knew about and those I did not. I can't wait for you to have me as a whole and healthy mom...I swear, I'm even better than you've seen so far. One day I might even earn some of those looks of adoration you're sending my way.

Love, Mommy

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