Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wardrobe Malfunctions...and questions

Wardrobe Malfunction the first:
I love, love the convenience of nursing camisoles under regular shirts. Much easier than wrestling with a nursing bra, nursing top with the two layers and side hole while using one hand to wrangle baby and the other to manage a preschooler, blanket, etc. However.....what the hell do you do with your nursing pad? The kind I use have adhesive on the back, so they are theoretically stuck to the part of the nursing camisole that folds down...but they inevitably end up scrunched up under my breast, or on my lap, the floor...etc. I suppose I could take the pad out and immediately put in aside to be thrown away, but sometimes if my son needs to nurse on both sides that may mean a small bit of letdown on the first side. Not good with no pad, and the little man is not always patient enough to wait on these maneuvers. It seems there is an easy way and I'm just not thinking of it.

Wardrobe Malfunction the second:
Maybe not malfunction, actually, but why is it that so many shirts right now are either so low cut a nursing bra doesn't stand a chance (yes, I want to show off my bulging mammary glands, so what!) but often are not designed for women who actually have breasts? just wondering.

Wardrobe Malfunction the third:
How many changes of clothes does your child have? (Specify age too) Or in other terms, how long can you go without doing laundry for your kiddo? It appears my daughter is not the only clothes horse in this house. I'm trying to be more reasonable with my son, and most of his clothes have been given to us, but today I needed to go buy some pants as he's got tons of onesies but few pairs of pants. It's often just cool enough that well...baby needs some pants. But how many pairs?


Claire said...

My nursing pads just get scrunched under my breast. When I pull the flap of the camisole back up, I try to bring the nursing pad with it, but it usually requires a hand down the shirt to straighten it out. PITA for sure and I haven't found the magical solution either. The juggling act of wrestling wiggling baby, nursing pad, nursing top, not to mention three year old, is one that should earn us some sort of blue ribbon.

Most shirts I find aren't designed for women who actually have breasts; or if they are, they're huge everywhere else. I'm layering camisoles under tshirts a lot so I don't show too much of the goods. I'm baffled by the lack of boob room in shirts though. Don't clothing designers realize that a) curvy women wear clothes too and b) we might actually want something that looks attractive without either squishing our chests into oblivion or plunging down to our navels.

I generally do laundry for both boys once a week, so I have about a weeks worth of clothes for each of them. Actually, more than that to account for getting dirty, diaper blowouts, etc. G-man probably has 10 pairs of pants, but that's easy because they are all his big brother's hand me downs. D probably has that many too. I tend to err on the side of more clothes for each of them so I don't run out too often and we can go outside and get dirty.

david said...

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